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I watched Inception last week, largely because of the noise that was created on ‘social media’. When everyone talks so much about a movie, it has to be very very good, or so I thought. Probably, I was expecting too much that I was disappointed. Or maybe I did not get the movie. I don’t [...]

Ouch! That hurts!

Few days ago, I was at Friends. Seated nearby was a couple, who apparently had a fight. I hadn’t noticed them until the girl shouted “Ouch! that hurts!”. I assume, the guy did something that hurt the girl. Though the “Ouch!” was for something that hurt the girl physically, it was apparent that there was [...]

What do you believe in..

There was a time, when I was all careless, carefree. Never did I care about philosophy or life. I accepted things, as they came, did what I wanted ( which was usually what people around me did ). And then, I met a few people. These people were different, their thoughts, beliefs, customs, traditions & [...]