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embrace the greyside

Long time back I had a verbal fight with a friend. The fight started because he made a statement to which I did not agree. I told him my viewpoint, which he did not agree to. And we discussed for a few minutes until we realized that we both agreed with each other. Though both of us had ‘different’ views, the viewpoints were ‘right’ in their own contexts.

I’ve seen this happen so may times. In our day to day lives, when things irritate us or when we are high, we make strong statements; And when these statements go out to people without proper context, they are misunderstood.

Another reason for misunderstandings is that we assume things to be either Black or White. With least bit of reasoning, we embrace sides and talk about it vehemently. And there will be opinionated people listening who will be offended by such talk; and there will be arguments.

By nature, we are judgemental, we always look for Yes or No answers. Given a generic question, one cannot answer with a Yes or No; there will be Ifs and Buts. One has to take into consideration the specific issue at hand and the numerous limitations and problems. And when we arrive at our conclusions, we cannot just yell it out at the world; we need to give the context and reasons, because without them people cannot truly understand the conclusions.

~May the Force be with You.

Not everybody is the sameā€¦

We humans live in a causal world. Every action of ours is an effect of a cause. When we have no control over the cause, eventually the effect too will be one over which we don’t have much control. In short ‘We lack Free Will’.

Coming to the topic about which I wanted to express my personal views, We meet different kind of people all along our life, we try to understand them,judge them, make a mental image. All this is causal, we observe their appearances,actions & words, we analyze & judge…But almost every time we interact with people, we get to see only a part of an individual & the mental image we build is incomplete.

We learn not only from our experiences but also from experiences of people around us. These experiences will have a huge say in the way we will act or react. Most of the times we tend to generalize these experiences and use this knowledge to evaluate people. The chances of mis-evaluation are less but once in a while we will be wrong.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. How could you love someone just because one is looking more fairer. That is just attraction at first sight. Then again even if we spend a little time together how can you be sure that it is in fact love, it may be nothing more than infatuation.

When I say ‘I don’t believe in love at first sight’ may be I can also extend it a bit further to ‘I don’t believe in hate at first sight’. How many times I interact with people for just a few seconds and develop hate at first sight. Shouldn’t I give them a second chance ?

Knowing that I am a causal being living in a much larger causal system, may be I can give a little thought on not only the effects but also the causes.