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No, I don’t want to `Sign in with Facebook`

Every new website(startup?!) that I come across these days(which requires me to register to use the website) has a “Sign in with Facebook” apart from the site’s own login system. I hate it when these are the only two login options available. And, I refuse to use such sites. It’s a PITA to remember password [...]

embrace the greyside

Long time back I had a verbal fight with a friend. The fight started because he made a statement to which I did not agree. I told him my viewpoint, which he did not agree to. And we discussed for a few minutes until we realized that we both agreed with each other. Though both [...]

Teaching the Basics at School

When I heard that the stampede at the Naina Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh was caused because of a rumor, I felt the need to post a thought that has been in my mind for quite sometime now. It’s about our education system delivering what it needs to deliver. One of the many purposes of [...]

Cars and Traffic problem

For almost 3 months, I have been missing the ’8:30 ki last bus’ that is supposed to carry me to my office. So I am left with one option, use the crowded BMTC buses. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes with minimal traffic and more than 100 minutes at peak traffic for commuting. I [...]