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embrace the greyside

Long time back I had a verbal fight with a friend. The fight started because he made a statement to which I did not agree. I told him my viewpoint, which he did not agree to. And we discussed for a few minutes until we realized that we both agreed with each other. Though both [...]

opportunity for a twitter oauth web client

I guess most of you’d know that Twitter API would be shutting down basic authentication on August 31st. What this means is that you will no longer be able to login into 3rd party twitter application by giving out your username and password. From now on, to use third party applications you will have to [...]


I watched Inception last week, largely because of the noise that was created on ‘social media’. When everyone talks so much about a movie, it has to be very very good, or so I thought. Probably, I was expecting too much that I was disappointed. Or maybe I did not get the movie. I don’t [...]