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Dream of a lifetime…

Last Wednesday morning, I saw my dream of a lifetime. I usually don’t dream often, even if I dream, I don’t remember most of them. Well, there’s only one recurring dream that I have seen a lot, but this post is about my Dream of a Lifetime. What I liked about the Dream the most [...]

Cars and Traffic problem

For almost 3 months, I have been missing the ’8:30 ki last bus’ that is supposed to carry me to my office. So I am left with one option, use the crowded BMTC buses. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes with minimal traffic and more than 100 minutes at peak traffic for commuting. I [...]

Hello world!

Finally I have my domain and a blog setup. Making web presence was something that I wanted to have right from the day I saw the first webpage on the internet. And the dream comes true today There’s lot to be done on the main page  Have been experimenting with jQuery a lot… so [...]