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Dream of a lifetime…

Last Wednesday morning, I saw my dream of a lifetime. I usually don’t dream often, even if I dream, I don’t remember most of them. Well, there’s only one recurring dream that I have seen a lot, but this post is about my Dream of a Lifetime.

What I liked about the Dream the most was the whole pictureization. It was grand and unique which completely took me by surprise. There were 3 scenes in all.

Scene 1: I met two of my friends from college. Location, a huge ground in front just as you get down the wide stairs.  One of the friend(F1) was standing next to me looking at me. Another friend(F2) was down the stairs, with his head turned towards me, telling “I have to ask you something important, come” and walking briskly away from me. I said “stop, wait… what is it ?”.  I cannot take suspense, I again asked him to stop, he kept walking. I followed.

Scene 2: I’m following my F2 along with F1. It is the same ground but what I see is amazing. There are two huge mountains far away. It is completely brownish, without any patch of green, there are some dark spots in the mountain which look like some kind of caves. There is a fort situated on one of the mountains, the architecture is Rajasthani. It’s dusty behind the mountains and the view is kind of blurred. There is some kind of storm behind the mountains. There are huge white bright clouds in front of the mountain. These clouds are moving fast over our head. One such cloud, is particularly very  bright and moving towards me. It is pure white, its rays falling on the ground taking weird paths. I told my friend F1 about the approaching cloud but he doesn’t hear. The cloud passes over my head and I am perplexed. Friend F2 is nowhere visible, F1 is walking forward and I follow him.

Scene 3: Now I’m in front of a large building. The building being wide, my whole sight was occupied. It had some 4 or 5 or 6 storeys ( that I don’t remember) above which I could see some dark clouds. My friend F2 entered the building and asked me to come in. I was behind by a long distance and started moving towards the building. F1 was walking with me. I raised my head and I could see a storm above the building. It was carrying some kind of a huge liquid fuel engine with a large tank. It was about to fall down right in front of the building and I realized that I had to save my life. I was scared and ran in the opposite direction but my friend F1 stayed there.

That’s it, I woke up.

I haven’t done justice to the dream, I’m at lack of vocabulary to describe it. This is one of those things that one has to experience and cannot be described by words.

I’m still scratching my head to understand what the dream meant.  Any idea what it means ?

Cars and Traffic problem

For almost 3 months, I have been missing the ‘8:30 ki last bus’ that is supposed to carry me to my office. So I am left with one option, use the crowded BMTC buses. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes with minimal traffic and more than 100 minutes at peak traffic for commuting. I will not go on cribbing about the traffic woes here but will put down a simple observation.

There are multiple reasons for the Traffic problem Indian cities are facing, our Leaders & planners suffering from myopia, corrupt implementers, over-intelligent drivers and many more that I’m ignorant/unaware of.

One thing that I observed while commuting was the huge number of cars on the roads. Most of the cars accommodate only one driver who probably will be the owner of the car. These are obviously citizens of the city commuting alone to work in their cars. Hanging in BMTC busses I have witnessed so many of these cars driving harsh, change lanes at will. One of the many reasons for the traffic jams are these cars.

Commuting in a car to work is for sure safe and comfortable but shouldn’t one also think about the traffic problems that they are causing. Just cannot imagine the situation when Tata’s 1 lakh car comes out !!

Carpooling is a wonderful concept, that should be implemented and not just discussed about. [Stumbled upon a few sites ,, that may be useful for organizing carpools ]

A good exercise for companies, educational institutions, etc., would be to conduct a survey on different modes of transport its employees use. A suitable solution can be found out based on the results of the survey.

Hello world!

Finally I have my domain and a blog setup. Making web presence was something that I wanted to have right from the day I saw the first webpage on the internet. And the dream comes true today 🙂

There’s lot to be done on the main page  Have been experimenting with jQuery a lot… so will probably will have a cool interface. Meanwhile I moved my design blog (which seems to have got many people interested in it)  from blogspot to . There is lot to update there, but I lately have been procrastinating a lot. Have a couple of posts in draft but havent found time to complete them !!

Well… thats it for now… before signing off couple of lines from one of my favorite songs to express what’s running in My Mind

Here I am – this is me
There’s no where else on earth I’d rather be
Here I am – it’s just me and you
And tonight we make our dreams come true